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Spring 2015 Hair Trends

Friday, January 30th, 2015 by Shayna Barnette

With every New Year, come new trends to try out- and it seems that 2015 is all aboutlow key. This year’s trends focus on the approach of less is more (or to at least appear that way). The beauty of these trends is that they’re all as high/low maintenance as you like.

Boho Waves +Messy Braids


Photo via Harpers Bazaar

The great thing about this trend is that there’s literally nothing to it- anyone can achieve that luxurious look by just walking out of the house with undone “boho-chic”waves, or scrap your hair into a messy bun or braid and that’s you. It lacks pretention, and calls for just leave-in conditioner and/or dry shampooo!

The “LOB” (Long Bob)

Photo via Harpers Bazaar

Photo via Harpers Bazaar

The “lob” (long bob) is still going strong, with Kate Mara and Kerry Washington big fans of the trend. A low maintenance look that’s also subtly sexy, this style is flattering on anyone. Kate’s texturized layers give her cut great movement, while Kerry’s caramel highlights add depth to  her look.  Use your flat iron to achieve these beachy waves and enhance shine.

Half Up Top Knot

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

This. Look. Rocks. This is the ultimate cool-girl style right now, and works with just about any length. It’s also insanely easy to achieve- just make a cute knot and secure with an elastic tie. Pull a few pieces out to frame your face and you’re set.

The Man Bun + Undercuts + Waves

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

2014 was a great year for men’s hair. The topknot and undercuts gained a lot of traction, but 2015 is definitely their year. The man bun/topknot/samurai ponytail goes by many names but there’s an understated cool about it that makes a big statement. The undercut is great for men looking for something rugged and clean cut at the same time. Amazing on their own, something beautiful happens when you combine the two- you get a wonderfully cool cut with just enough relaxed edge.

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Last but not least, wavy/messy hair is making its way onto the scene. Jared Leto captured our hearts with his long ombré locks, but simply going just a few inches shorter can make this a more approachable look for most.  This is about as low key as it gets, with little to no fuss involved.

Say Goodbye to Cookie Cutter Brows

Thursday, January 15th, 2015 by Admin

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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