Professional vs. Over the Counter Hair Care Products

You can’t help but notice an abundance of inexpensive hair care products to choose from when you visit a convenience store. You think to yourself, “Why wait to get my products from my local hair salon when I can get it here now and at a fraction of the cost?”


What’s the difference between the two?

Although it may appear that you are saving money, in the long run you are not. Salon products are far more concentrated than over the counter products, meaning you use less and it lasts longer. In addition to this, the harsh cleansers found in over the counter products, such as Ammonium Laurel Sulfate, will dry out and damage your hair, causing split ends and possible breakage. Another benefit to using salon products is the higher quality of ingredients and levels of proteins and vitamins it contains.

It is important to be aware that salon brand products you may find in convenience stores might be FAKE, DILUTED or OLD.  These professional product companies are going through many measures to figure out how their products are ending up on the shelves of these convenience stores in order to stop it. Your hair stylist is trained on the products they offer in order to recommend the best ones for you as an individual, which is why they are only guaranteed when purchased from a salon. Plus by getting your products at your local salon you are helping to support them, being that product sales are immensely vital to the success of a salon.

 Going with a professional brand? Here’s an added benefit you will get from using AVEDA…

“AVEDA is healthy for you, your hair and the environment. If your hair is chemically treated, the aroma and holistic value of the herbs and natural oils in our products help to keep the integrity of your hair and sooth your senses. All AVEDA products complete a daily ritual to stimulate your mind, body and spirit. Mixing the use of our products with over the counter products weakens the effectiveness in which that particular product is intended for and destroys the over all mission of AVEDA.” Charlotte Donnan, Senior Hair Designer at The Artistic Salon

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